How To Enhance Breast With Home Remedies


It is possible to enlarge breasts without surgery. The safest methods are sport and breast massage.

You can find a lot of breast enhancement methods from cabbage juice and beer to a variety of creams, ointments, gels and other products that are now sold on the market.

But almost all of these recommendations don’t work. For example, cabbage juice can be useful for growing teenager. If you drink beer not only your breasts will increase but also abdomen, thighs, and also, you could get addicted to alcohol.

Drugs are expensive and effective only when used regularly. Besides not every manufacturer honestly report what are the side effects, if you use these products for years. So the only method that will give results and make your whole body healthy is exercise, combined with massage and a contrast shower.

Female breasts consist of the mammary glands, fat and connective tissue and is supported by pectoral muscles – they are situated in the lower chest. Therefore, if you regularly perform a set of exercises aimed at strengthening the pectoral muscles, the bust will be more lifted and elastic.

By the way, if you are exercising to lose weight, do not forget about these exercises in any case, as with decreasing your body fat naturally, the volume of your breasts will also decrease. And if you perform special breast exercises, you will achieve a double effect: lose weight and the chest will become even more beautiful.

Breast exercises

The warm-up complex includes a couple of exercises.

Hold your hands in front of you, keep your elbows at chest level. Counting to three, push the base of the palms at each other, now slowly lower your arms. Repeat ten times.


This exercise is not only good for the chest but also contributes to the development of fine motor skills and strengthens joints.

Interlace your fingers, keep your elbows at chest level. Counting to three, slowly try to dissolve hands to the sides. Repeat ten times.

Exercises with dumbbells

The starting position for exercises with dumbbells – lying on your back.

Take a dumbells in each hand, lie on your back, pull arms out to the sides. Slowly lift your hands perpendicular to the floor, and then slowly lower them back. Repeat the exercise 10 times, and then hold your hands in upright position and bend your arms to the chest 1- times.


Lie on your back, put your arms to the sides. Slowly lift your hands up and above your head, stay in this position for 3 seconds and slowly return to the starting position. Repeat ten times.

Breast enhancement pills

There are many rumors concerning breast enhancement pills and creams. But there is no problem to check the effectiveness of natural breast enhancement. You’ve got all the information available on forums, social media, medical and Q&A sites. We have found the proofs and if you’ll research yourself what works, you’ll see that the most effective and safe way to make your breast larger is to use breast enhancement pills and creams in a combination. Apply the cream once a day and take 1-2 pills daily to see the best results in a few months:

– better breast shape
– better look
– bigger breasts
– permanent result