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8th August 2012 – Will Powell receives a public apology for 22 year NHS Cover Up:

Rather than assist the Powells in the early 1990s the Health Ombudsman recorded derogatory and unjustified comments about Mr Powell in his file for which he received an apology in 2004. Since Robbie’s death in 1990 there has been one NHS cover up after another and yet not one doctor or government official has been made accountable. It wasn’t only the system that failed the Powells it was the individuals who were given the responsibility to independently investigate the Powells” serious complaints who openly conspired with the doctors to cover up their negligence and dishonesty. There is currently no deterrent to ensure that NHS complaints are independently and robustly investigated and, until these corrupt individuals are made personally accountable for their dishonesty and misconduct in public office, NHS cover ups will continue with impunity. Sign Will’s petition for a Duty of Candour to the left under “Call for New NHS Laws”

7th August 2012 – James Titcombe discovers Systematic failures” at an NHS hospital trust were suspected by the health watchdog [CQC] more than two years before it finally launched an investigation that exposed scandalously poor care”.

Sign James’s petition calling for a Public Inquiry into the failings of Morecambe NHS Hospital to the lef under “Call for New NHS Laws”
2nd July 2012 – A Dutyof Candour is needed to force Dr’s and medical staff to tell the truth when something goes wrong or a patient dies due to an error! Please sign Mr. Will Powell’s petition ‘Duty of Candour / Robbie’s Law” which you can read about to the left under Call for New NHS Laws and background BBC News item here:

25th June 2012 – Call for new Law to stop NHS Mistakes and Blunders see to left under Call for New NHS Laws the story of Bethany Flowers : Now Bethany’s mother calls for the NHS to listen to Mothers and relatives who ‘Know Best':

23rd April 2012 for 10 days – John Hemmings MP to attend the Victims Unite Publicity Campaign against ‘White Coller Crimes’.

Members of the NHS Reform Group have faced the corruption of the NHS and it’s Regulators. We have not come across a single case brought to the attention of the NMC, GMC, CQC or Healthcare Ombudsman that has been investigated. Strangly though cases brought to these Regulators by an NHS Trust [perhaps complaining about a member of staff who has raised concerns about patient care] seem to get investigated and a ‘punishment” given!

Members of the NHS Reform Group include those who have lost children through misdiagnosis or lack of treatment. Our members include those who have lost their husbands or wives due to poor NHS care and then found NO Justice at the end of their NHS Complaint. Our members also include those who have witnessed their elderly relatives treated badly in an NHS Hospital or Care Home and the ‘Regulators” have turned a blind eye.
Press Release is to the left. Also the USA Media cover the ‘Demo':

23rd April 2012 for 10 days – Victims Unite Publicity Campaign outside the Royal Courts of Justice, the Strand, London. Please see Blog to the right………………

13th February 2012 – Hospital Awareness Campaign – MY NOTES by Joanna Slater advises that you should write everything down when you are in Hospital or if your loved one is in Hospitall! Please see Joanna Slater’s Press Release to the right under “Articles”.

11th February 2012 – Call for resignation of Tony Halsall, Chief Executive of University Hospitals Morecambe Bay NHs Foundation Trust:

11th January 2012 – Will Powell sends out a Press Release about his invitation to meet Lords at the Houses of Parliament to discuss the Duty of Candour [Robbie’s Law] amendment for report stage of the Health & Social Care Bill – see full story to left under ‘Press Releases’.

10th January 2012 – Cure the NHS Leader and NHS Complainant Passes Away – Mrs. Sandra Ramskill, Founder of the North East branch of Cure the NHS has sadly died. Mrs. Ramskill was in need of a double lung transplant, but was removed from the waiting list for making a complaint to Blackpool Hospital Trust after they had prepared her for the operation and taken out all of her teeth, but then admitted they had made a mistake and there were no donor lungs available. More on this story will follow.

9th November 2011 – A Report by the Patients Association containing a collection of 16 firsthand accounts of poor care in NHS Hospitals in England and Wales, which the association says came to its attention through its helpline, hit the Press today ‘How the NHS Abuses OAP’s':

But this is the 3rd such Report, following the 2009 and 2010 reports that also contained 16 firsthand accounts of poor care in NHS Hospitals.

Following the Patients Association Report of 2009, there was a “Promised Purge of the Cruel Nurses” made by Christine Beasley, the Chief Nurse and Government spokesperson, however we can show in our latest Press Release to the left, that whilst there has been an increase of complaints about nurses to the Nurses to the Nursing and Midwifery Council [NMC] there has been a decrease in ‘Strike Off’s’!

11th July 2011- Professor Stephen Bolsin, Dr. Rita Pal, Dr. Peter Wilmhirst and Dr. Milton Pena (NHS Whistleblowers) write a Leading Paper on NHS Whistleblowing which is published by the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

NHS Reform Group were asked to release this information via a Press Release – please see ‘Press Releases” to the left – NHS Whistleblowers Document Published

7th July 2011 – NHS Reform Group succeeds in getting a Full Inquiry into NHS Whistleblowers. Please see latest NHS Reform Group Press Release to the left under ‘Press Releases’.

Time for Change – but will a change in the NHS happen?

One in Three NHS Workers say “We wouldn’t want Family treated in OUR Hospital”.

Nearly a third of NHS workers said they were thinking about leaving their jobs
15 per cent of staff said they had been subjected to bullying or harassment
45 per cent say staff shortages stop them doing their jobs properlySee Daily Mail article here: One in Three NHS Workers decline treatment in THEIR Hospital
Recent Press Releases can be seen to left including ‘Baby P Doctor & GMC Voluntary Erasure” and ‘PA Funding, Purge of Cruel Nurses = Empty Words’.

February 2011 – With the Health Select Committee in full swing and with the Directors of the Patients Association having given evidence about the NHS Complaints Procedure but not having put forward members of the Public who have contacted the Patients Association about how the NHS Complaints Procedure has failed them, we, the NHS Reform Grouphave asked the Patients Association if they will support:

2. Elsie’s Law – to stop the misuse of Morphine and syringe drivers, used in End of Life Care:
3. To call for Doctors and Medical staff to be charged for committing a crime if they have been found guilty of ‘wilful neglect':
4. That Doctos and Nurses by randomnly drug tested as indeed our Soldiers are:
We have not as yet, had a reply from the Patients Association.

2nd December 2010 – The Patients Association publish another Report of Poor NHS care – ‘Listen to Patients, Speak Up for Care': to patients, Speak up for change(1).pdf

17 more stories which follow the Patients Association Report 2009 – ‘Patients not Numbers, People not Statistics': not numbers, people not statistics.pdf

It has been said that these stories of Poor NHS Care make up a total of 2%. We would say that 2% have dared to pursue their NHS Complaint. 2% have dared to speak up. BUT many more do not raise their concerns.

6th November 2010 – MORE GOOD NEWS, following the NHS Reform Group’s call for aHealth Select Committee to investigate the NHS Complaints Procedure (see 1/9/10 Breaking News entry below) – we are pleased to announce that this has been achieved. Please see to the right under ‘Articles” how you too could help influence any changes in theNHS Complaints Procedure – by submitting your stories. Also the Mid Staffs Public Inquiry is examining the NHS Complaints Procedure and the NHS Regulatory Bodies, so you can submit your story to them also – see Mid Staffs Public Inquiry to the right!

1st October 2010 – GOOD NEWS, Mr. Lansley seems to have an understanding of how the NHS Quangos have been ineffective and useless. We are pleased to announce that NICE will now NOT be able to withhold drugs from needy patients. The National Institute for Clinical Excellence is to loose it’s Drug appropriation power – this has however come too late for some:

25th October 2010 – With the shocking news of the patient on a ventilator having had his ventilator turned off by an untrained ‘nurse” and with our own Nurse member who wrote a piece to Mr. Lansley about how ‘Agency Nurses” are manning A & E and Specialist wards, who really don’t know what they are doing – we now have the Department of Health ‘official” figures of how many patients have been harmed or who have had ‘near misses” – 850.000 – However with the evidence of manipulation of figures, in the tick box self assessing by NHS Hospital Trusts, as demonstrated by the Panorama Programme ‘Trust us. we’re an NHS Hospital’, it is quite clear that 850.000 is NOT correct and that the number is significantly higher – Come on Department of Health STOP ‘Self Assessment’! STOP also the obscene use of Agency ‘drifter” nurses who don’t know what they are doing!

14th October 2010 – An NHS Nurse speaks out and Blows the Whistle about NHS Patient Safety – seems the various guidelines put in place just read well but the Culture of Denial within the NHS Hospital Trusts is still alive and kicking – Mr.Lansley is it time to kick out the NHS Stasi Managers and NHS Chief Executives?

3rd September, 2010 and the NHS Reform Group have now handed into No. 10 Downing Street, 25 personal stories of NHS Poor Care and NHS Cover Up procedures that take place once an NHS complaint is initiated!

We have been advised that this file of documents may NOT reach Andrew Lansley or his Chief Adviser Jenny Jackson, as the ‘civil servants” in the Department of Health may divert them a la ‘Yes Minister” style.

We are now going to send these documents registered post for the attention of Andrew Lansley and Jenny Jackson.

The stories will also now be submitted to the Mid Staffs Public Inquiry to show the Public just how deceit and cover up prevent ‘Lessons being Learnt” when things go wrong in the NHS in the same way that NHS Whistleblowers are silenced when they have raised concerns about Patient Care and Patient Safety!

1st September, 2010 and the NHS Reform Group have confirmation of meeting Officials of the Department of Health, Richmond House. We intend to press for a Health Select Committee to review NHS Whistleblowing AND for a Health Select Committee to review the NHS Complaints Procedure, that in it’s present form is ‘NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE’.

1st September, 2010 and the NHS Reform Group joined the NHS Complaints Exposed Group on the ‘Walk the Talk” protest march to No. 10 Downing Street.

The march headed down the Strand, down Whitehall and then by appointment entered Downing Street in order to hand in documents pertaining to our Groups, as well as a Petition for ‘Elsie’s Law’

20th August, 2010 – A Former PCT Chair has written a paper for Mr. Andrew Lansley to consider saying ‘NHS Complaints Procedure is Ineffective and Frequently Corrupt’. See full piece to the left at ‘Mr. Lansley – Points to Consider’.

26th July, 2010 – An NHS Employee has contacted the NHS Reform Group, to unveil theTRUTH about the NHS Complaints Procedure. A paper has been written by this NHS Complaints Procedure Employee and sent to Andrew Lansley, Health Secretary and Jenny Parsons, his Chief of Staff – we at NHS Reform Group would ask “WHAT IS THE COALITION GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS CORRUPT STATE OF AFFAIRS?” Which we feel forms part of – LABOUR’S LEGACY – The Paper can be seen to the left under ‘Mr. Lansley – Points to Consider” – ‘NHS Complaints Procedure Exposed by NHS Complaints Handler’.

12th July, 2010 – Andrew Lansley unveils his White Paper for NHS Reforms. See to the left under ‘Helpful Information” the Department of Health’s ‘Liberating the NHS – Equity and Excellence, Liberating the NHS’.

11th July, 2010 – The NHS Reform Group have emailed the ‘New” Department of Health of the New Coalition, about how failing NHS bosses were allowed to ‘side move” or get promotion under the ‘Nu Labour Regime’ which is now ‘Labour’s Legacy’, such as Cynthia Bower and David Fillingham. We hope that Kate Levy of the Mid Staffs Scandal will not be given this pleasure – see our email to the left under ‘Mr. Lansley – Points to Consider’.

5th July, 2010 – The NHS Reform Group have presented a paper about NHS Whistleblowers to the Government and the Health Secretary. This paper can be seen to the left under ‘Mr. Lansley – Points to Consider’.